ogzilla net genshin impact primogems adder, work?

Genshin Impact is a very popular Open World game, with interesting gameplay and stunning visuals. This game even had time to become the best mobile game in 2021 ago. This Anime-style game can be played on various platforms, namely on mobile, PlayStation, and PC.

Like other games, Genshin Impact has various in-game Currency. The following is a brief explanation of the various currencies available and their use.

1. Mora: used as a medium of exchange in the game only.

2. Primogem: Currency that can be converted into many things, usually used for gacha purposes.

3. Acquaint Fate and Intertwined Fate: Currency used only for gacha. Acquaint Fate for Standard and Novice Banners, while Intertwined Fate for Limited Banners.

4. Genesis Crystal: Premium Currency obtained from Top-up. Usually converted to Primogem. There are also items that require Crystals to obtain.

5. Masterless Stargliiter and Masterless Stardust: Both are Currency that is obtained after players do gacha. Both have separate shops. Generally, Starglitter is more valuable than Stardust.

Is the ogzilla net site safe or not? as we already know that the ogzilla net site is an online generator site. So however the use of the online generator site is prohibited by the Genshin Impact game developer. Even if you are found to have committed a violation, your Genshin Impact account will be penalized.

However, if you are still curious about the ogzilla net Primogems site and want to try to use it to prove whether the ogzilla net site is a scam or not, we will make a tutorial. But we recommend you not to use your main Genshin Impact account to try it. We recommend using a backup Genshin Impact account to implement it for the safety of your main Genshin Impact account. Here’s how:

How To Use ogzilla net Site For Free Primogems Genshin Impact

  • First of all visit the site https://appzxc.win/ogzilla.net/
  • Then on the main page, you are asked to enter your Genshin Impact account username.
  • Select the device used and press the Proceed button.
  • If so, specify how much free Primogems you want.
  • Finally, verify by completing a survey displayed on the ogzilla net site.

The final word,

That’s a bit of our conversation about the ogzilla net Primogems site. Hopefully this is useful and if you have any questions regarding the ogzilla net site, you can leave them in the comments column below. That is all and thank you.